Current Projects

June 2011-The Common is open to the public again.  However the much loved walking tracks are still closed due to flood damage on the paths.  

Feb 2011-FLOOD WATER FROM THE OXLEY CREEK COVERED MOST OF THE COMMON thus making everyone re-access how to work with mother nature and this large patch of land only 7kl from the Brisbane Central Business District.   Right now the COMMON is blocked off to the community, due to the floods leaving thick mud everywhere and the clean up is still on.  The torrent of water coming from the creek even deposited into the padocks a three seater lounge besides other smaller junk.  We think the old fences to the paddocks will need checking too.

2011-re the COMMUNITY FARM PROJECT whcih was started in a very small area in mid 2010 by planting, making garden beds and composting to improve soil    –    We will be endeavouring to talk to authorities to see how and when we will be able to restart our community farming. 

2011-INCREASING AWARENESS RAISING OF THIS GREAT BIRD WATCHING SITE. Hopefully  Professor Hugh Possingham will continue to run early morning bird walks as well as monitor the numbers and species of birds visiting the Common. Hugh has done that wonderfully well over the past few years.  Please view information about birdwatching via our menu item FLORA & FAUNA. 

2011-WORKING TOWARDS getting agreement with lots of community groups for some more trees to be planted on THE COMMON. 

2011-CONTINUING TO NURTURE OUR TREES WHICH WE PLANTED at Pelican Lagoon and working towards environmental restoration of still more parts of The Common including Stage 2 of  wetland rehabilitation.

2011-CONTINUING TO LOBBY QUEENSLAND STATE GOVERNMENT & BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL for a community say and solid involvement in masterplanning The Common.


We submitted a proposal for a Community Farm on the Common to the Qld Govt Works Dept and Brisbane City Council in April 2009.   Brisbane City Council say the land is contaminated!  We will chase this up as probably it refers to only a small portion and maybe the ex DPI cattle dip not decommissioned.


Does anyone want to help find funds to retrofit the gifted old house sitting on the high land which presently has no stumps under it?  We have in our hands a letter from the Brisbane Markets Limited stating that this house was indeed gifted to the community.



Friends of Oxley Common have received  and now completed tasks re their federal water grant funds of $29,352.94 to rehabilitate Pelican Lagoon – (Click this link to see history & pictures)

2007 – A Restoration Plan for Pelican Lagoon
A plan  for the restoration and monitoring of the wetlands surrounding Pelican Lagoon has now been supplied by Cassandra Bouna – an outstanding environmental restoration student.   Click to view the restoration plan as a PDF document.

2006 – Environmental Restoration (ENVM3002) students from the University of Qld and Gatton have produced a FIELD HARBERIUM of riparian and vascular plants surrounding Pelican Lagoon. Reports on WATER QUALITY and VERTEBRATES are also to hand.

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